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[Guerrilla Girls (b. 1985), Guerrilla Girls Review the Whitney, 1987. Offset lithograph, 22 × 17 in. (55.9 × 43.2 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; purchase 2000.91. © Guerrilla Girls]

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NPR On The Road: Meet Bob Antonacci and his mascot


Meet Bob Antonacci and his mascot (he wears a name tag just in case you don’t see the resemblance). Antonacci is the Republican candidate for comptroller in New York. He and his mascot visited 11 minor league ballparks this summer. Kids run up to the mascot to get their pictures taken and Antonacci slips their parents a campaign brochure. It’s a novel approach to campaigning, certainly a conversation starter. I ran into the pair at the Saratoga County Republican Party Rally at the county fairgrounds.