BLACK – 20532

TO BEDESTROYED 02/28/18 A volunteer writes: I have volunteered at the BACC for a long time, and I can confidently say that this guy is one of the calmest, most chill dogs I’ve ever met. I prefer to call him Mr. Black, since he is such a gentleman! He walks like an angel on the leash; waits until we’re outside to do his business; and his general cool, calm, collectedness is admired by everyone as he walks by. I get the sense that Mr. Black is wise beyond his years- on our walks together, he often stops to look behind him and stare off into the distance, seeming to contemplate our existence (or maybe he’s looking for his forever family?). Although he never pulls on the leash, Mr. Black loves to stop and explore everything we pass, and he especially loves looking into cars to lock eyes with their drivers.

BLACK – 20532


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The “National Conversation on Rights and Justice” in New York City is presented in part by AT&T, Ford Foundation, Seedlings Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Perkins Coie LLP, and the National Archives Foundation.


“The rooftop observation deck is one of the city’s most distinctive architectural traditions. New York not only raised the world’s first modern skyline but pioneered a new way to see it: from a series of perches atop its highest peaks.”

In a portfolio in this week’s issue, James Sanders examines the long ascent to Manhattan’s observation decks, with accompanying photographs by Pari Dukovic.

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