Is your future work ID a microchip implant in your body? These workers have made the leap.

  • It’s only human, not to mention frustrating, to forget passwords or misplace your phone, keys or work ID. But is implantable chip technology the solution to make life more convenient — and would you allow your employer to implant a tiny chip into your body to transform you into a cyborg of sorts?
  • That’s a question being actively explored at a Swedish company, Epicenter, where workers are already letting their employer implant a tiny microchip — the size of a grain of rice — in their hands. 
  • The chip allows employees to open doors, use technology with ease and even purchase food without having to fumble for key cards, credit cards, phones or passwords. Workers are even hosting implant parties for their newly chipped colleagues. Read more. (4/4/2017 11:45 AM)