Photo of the Day: Bald Eagle Checking Its Catch

Photographer caption: During a recent trip to the East Coast, three photographers told me about a place along the Susquehanna River in Maryland that I had to stop at to photograph bald eagles. I figured that if that many people told me about the location it must be worth a stop. Since it was only a couple of hours from where I was staying and it could be on the route back to Colorado, I decided to head there on my way home. I wasn’t disappointed. I spent the full day along the bank of the river photographing hundreds of bald eagles as they dove for fish coming up from the waters churned by the dam. This bald eagle, after catching its meal, readjusted the fish in its talons and then did one last check to verify his catch was secure before taking off to a nearby perch to eat the meal.

Photo by Dawn Wilson (Arvada, Colorado, USA); Darlington, Maryland, USA

This photo is a submission from our 14th Annual Photo Contest. We’ll be announcing our finalists in the coming weeks!