GIF IT UP 2016 entry by Erin Black from Cary, North Carolina (USA). Source material from The British Library via The European Library via Europeana (@europeanacollections).

Erin writes: “This GIF celebrates both #PageFrights and the #SkeletonWar with three skeletons dancing on a manuscript page.

The image is an illumination from the bottom of a page (aka a bas-de-page) of the Smithfield Decretals. It’s one of a series of bas-de-pages depicting the story of The Three Living and the Three Dead, in which three kings are confronted by three of their dead ancestors and warned to remember the dead, lest they take life for granted.

More information (and illustrations!) on The Three Living and the Three Dead available at”

This gif is made available under a CC-BY-SA license.