ICYMI: a fascinating, heartfelt conversation about privilege and parenting on Weekend All Things Considered

You could call it the parenting trap: Being a parent comes part and parcel with being judged by other parents. And parents aren’t always shy about giving their opinions on others’ parenting style — be it on parenting blogs, articles, books or at the playground.

Last year the major controversy was over “free-range parenting.” This year, two parenting writers are offering new, and sometimes opposing, ideas.

Heather Shumaker is the author of the book It’s OK to Go Up the Slide. She embraces what she calls “renegade parenting.” Shumaker encourages such parenting heresies as banning elementary school homework, letting kids punch each other (with boxing gloves), and rejecting much of the conventional wisdom as “worn-out habits that don’t work.”

Writer and blogger Stephanie Land doesn’t like the term “renegade parenting.” Land thinks the ability to be more of a hands-off parent is something of a “privilege.”

Check out the full piece here.

– Petra