the holly and the ivy

the paris apartment


good morning and happy sunday! it seems most of the country is snowy this weekend so i’m a little out of the loop being in florida. when i started seeing images of winter this morning, i couldn’t help but get into the spirit of holiday decorating. my place has a little sprig here and there…

CMSnot much but the rosemary tree is fragrant and the berries are festive. i couldn’t go too far since i’m heading up north again on thursday. i had to do something though, because somehow it never quite feels like the holidays here the way it did up north.

photo 1

even though i don’t decorate much, it got me thinking about how simple it is to get the holiday vibe with just a touch of green. below are some of the shots creative bloggers all over the net have shared. if you’re not in the mood to…

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