“Wonder Woman” stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil leaping off Valley Hilton in Sherman Oaks, California, 1979

It wasn’t a plane. It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t even Wonder Woman. It was a stunt. On Monday, stuntwoman Kitty O’Neil plunged 127 feet from atop the Valley Hilton in Sherman Oaks into an inflated air bag at the pool deck–as the scene was being filmed for an upcoming two-hour special episode of the Wonder Woman series. A Warner Brothers spokeswoman said Miss O’Neil, who is deaf, established a new high fall record and broke her own previous mark of 120 feet. Before the leap, Miss O’Neil practiced by making two 10-story jumps. After the leap, she rode to the airport for a return flight to Bonneville, Utah, where she’s attempting to set a new world land speed record in her jet powered car.

Publication: Los Angeles Times, February 13, 1979

Source: Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library.

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